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How It Works:

What does Direct Primary Care mean for me and my child?

DPC (or Direct Primary Care) is for families that prefer to have everything covered in one package and would like full access to their pediatrician via cell phone, texting, email and FaceTime / video calls.

And also: DPC means no co-pays, no deductibles, no surprise bills. As simple as that. 

The monthly / annual fee covers:

  • All office visits (sick, well and consultations);

  • Phone / video consultations;

  • Routine in-office tests (such as strep test, flu test, urinalysis etc.);

  • Minor procedures (such as wart freezing, simple incision and drainage, blood drawing etc.)


Get your child the care they need as soon as you wish

In order to meet everyone's demands accordingly and assure that all our blessed patients are provided with necessary care and attention, there are several subscription plans available.

Single-Child Plans

$75 / Month or $810 / Year

This plan will provide your child with all the necessary timely medical attention.

- Haven't made up your mind or about to relocate? You are more comfortable renewing your subscription after the end of each month? Then the monthly plan will fully cover your little one.

- Yearly plan is perfect for those who have already made their long-term decision about their child's pediatrician and would like to make a single yearly payment with an overall 10% discount - instead of $900 paid on a monthly basis, you can provide your child with medical care for a full year at $810.



$ 130 / Month or $ 1,404 / Year

- Essentially, it is a SINGLE CHILD MONTHLY PLAN times two - with a reduced $20 fee for the second child to be covered under the same plan with your first child - instead of a monthly $150 dollar fee, this plan provides both of your children an equal amount of medical attention, whenever it is necessary. No additional fees or charges - both of your children will receive monthly medical care and will be treated individually.

- Yearly plan allows for a 10% overall discount - instead of $1,560 you will only be charged $1,404 for a year-round care in advance.



$165 / Month or $ 1,782 / Year

 Yearly plan is for those who have already made up their minds and want to save $198 a year on medical care.



$ 188/ Month or $ 2,030 / Year

- Do you have a big family? Not a problem! I will be more than happy to see all of your 4 or even 10 kids and provide them with proper and due care - for only $188 per month!

- Yearly plan allows for at least $226 overall discount.


Termination Policy

If you sign up your child(ren) and fail payment for 3 or more months, we have the right to terminate your account at any time. If you wish to re-subscribe, you must pay for the months in which your payment was delinquent.

Furthermore, Blessed Minds reserves the right to terminate a patient's membership after a patient no-shows three (3) times. A missed appointment will be counted as a no-show if it is not canceled 48 hours or more before the appointment time for a well-check. For sick visits, an absence will be counted as a no-show if the patient does not cancel two (2) hours or more before the appointment.

Non-Subscription Fees

If you schedule your child an appointment with Dr. Mahaffey and you do not have an active membership, there is a requirement to sign up (or, if your membership is lapsed, renew) and pay at point-of-service for four (4) months.


Available to everyone.

STRep test

Available to patients.

Covid antibody

Available to everyone.

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