Due to rising prices and the increasing inflation rate, I will be increasing my costs on June 1, 2022. Please refer to my price page for the changes in membership plans.

Additionally, I have set a new retirement date of October 24, 2024, God willing.


My Philosophy

What Pediatric Direct Primary Care should be?

We are currently not accepting new patients.

I created Blessed Minds, a Direct Primary Care Pediatric Clinic, out of a desire to provide quality, affordable and accessible care to my patients. I believe the doctor- patient relationship is a sacred bond that should be free of interference from third parties. The beauty of my DPC practice is that I can spend time with my patients without the constraints of an overbooked schedule, administrative demands and insurance regulations. My primary concern is the patient, NOT the middleman.  

My goal is to provide quality healthcare that addresses the whole child - body, mind and spirit. 

Office Hours & Address

MONDAY - THURSDAY:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

AFTER HOURS: By phone, text or e-mail

5433 Chumuckla Highway, Pace, Florida 32571

Phone: 850-604-4438

Fax: 850-848-9293

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